Gold 10mm Jump Ring

10mm gold jump ring

Priced for 10


Gold 10mm Split Ring

10mm gold split ring

Priced for 10


Gold 14mm Jump Ring

14mm Large thick gold jump ring

Priced for 10


Jump Ring 4mm

Copper & bronze options

4mm small jump ring

Thin thickness

Priced for 100

Oval jump rings Quality Pl 5x7

Black Nickel,Gold, Silver and Copper options Quality Plating

Oval jump rings 5x7mm Strong, great for Bails

Priced for 10

Jump Ring 6mm

Copper & bronze options

6mm jump ring

Medium thickness

Priced for 50

Twisted Jump Ring 6mm

Gold and silver plated options

Twisted jump ring 6mm, base metal

10 for $$2.50

Gold Plated Twisted Jump Ring 8mm

Gold plated twisted jump ring 8mm, base metal

10 FOR $2.95


Artistic Wire 3.57mm DI

Tarnish resistant 90pc

$5.35 pack