Brooch Pins


Bling Bead's brooch example using Quality Gold Plated Pin Charm and Murano Glass bead

Hat Pins- Accessories


Silver and Gold Hat Pins with silicone inserts

Approx 18cm

Brooch Pin- Accessories

2 holed Brooch Pin

Priced as singles


10 for $3.00

Pin Charm- Accessories

Quality Silver and Gold Plated Pin Charm

Priced as single $3.50

Brooch Pin- Accessories

Gold Brooch Pin with glue pads

Priced as a single set

Brooch Pin- Accessories

 GP 3 holed Brooch pin

Priced as pack of 5

5 for $3.95

Brooch Pins- Accessories 10pack


barpin NKP

3 holed brooch pins

Priced for 10


10 for $3.50

Kilt Pin- Accessories

SIlver and Gold Quality Plated Kilt Pins 7.8cm

Priced Seperatley $1.80

Safety Pin- Accessories

Silver Birch Safety Pin

Sold in assortment of 25mm, 30mm and 35mm

Priced for 20pc!


Two part silver pin brooch

Priced for 5pc!

Brooch Pin 5 pack

Nickle Plated Brooch Pins

Priced for 5pc

Hat Pin

Bright Silver and Gold hat pins

Priced for 5pc!

Hat Pins

Gold Hat Pins

Approx 11.5cm

Clutch Pins

Clear Clutch Pin Sugical Steel

Used with Clutch

Priced for 10pc  $3.00


Clutch for back of pins, steel. 10mm

Priced for 10 pieces.$3.00