Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasp

Antique sliver magnetic clasp

4 pieces left

Magnetic clasp

MAG-LOK Magnetic clasp. These are Very Strong High Quality . 1 cm

Gold and Silver and Copper$1.85

Magnetic clasp

MAG-LOK Magnetic clasp. Very strong, great for bracelets. 1.3 cm these are high quality and very strong

Gold and Silver and Black Oxide $5.95 each

Magnetic Clasp

Rhodium Plate magnetic clasp


Magnetic Clasp

Rhodium Plate Magnetic clasp 17x10mm

Magnetic Clasp

Bright silver with crystals magnetic clasp 16mm

Magnetic Clasp

Silver Plated with crystals strong magnetic clasp 15x10mm

Magnetic Clasp

Silver Plated circle with crystal strong magnetic clasp 12mm

silver magnetic clasp

Silver Magnetic Clasp

barrel magnet

Barrel Magnet clasp,hole through centre and knot

your string.

3 FOR $2.00

magnet clasp

bright gold magnet clasp.

10 FOR $5.50