Thing-a-majig Delux


BeadSmith Interchangeable Hammer with 12 Head Inserts Ideal for jewelry making, this versatile tool includes 6 smooth heads and 6 textured stainless steel heads. Smooth heads: - Flat nylon - Domed nylon - Flat stainless steel - Domed stainless steel - Flat brass - Domed brass Textured heads: - Stripes - Weave - Thin Circles - Wide Circles - Speckles - Dots

Wire Whacker

Wire Whacker


Viking Knit

Lazee Daisee Vicking Knit

Wire Weaving Tool

Brass Hammer

2 Sided brass mallet with a well made wooden handle that provides extra strength and durability. 50mm head, 13mm face, 2oz weight.

Pearl Drilling vice

Beadsmith quality Pearl Drilling Vice